India’s Largest Manufacturer & Exporter of Imitation and Fashion Jewellery,
Gifty Gold Jewellers – a name that invokes a feeling of trust & dependability in the Indian gold plated jewellery market, has taken a new form & shape . Gifty Gold Jewellers is a Indian gold plated jewellery brand offering a tremendous of beautiful jewellery at affordableprices.

We stock all forms of gold plated jewellery from rings,chains,bracelets,pendants,earrings,anklets,toe rings, in all variety of shapes and sizes and are sure to have  something to suit every occasion.Whether it's a promise ring, a charm bracelet or an engagement ring,we know that every piece is as special as the moment it commemorates.Every woman has a relationship with her jewellery and The Gifty Gold Jewellers celebrates this relationship.

 We believe in quality control, dedication and customer satisfaction. We also assure our clients to provide better service and introduce them to new design from time to time. We believe in leading the market by setting a new trend. Our commitment and dedication to the principles is the secret of our success.

                                          We believe in any particular organization, the word "SUCCESS" is a big question. Who brings it ? Management-Quality and Quality production-Finance-Employees-Marketing-Advertisement,Gift to God? The secret of our success lies in combined efforts to all those who are directly and indirectly associated with the organization.

At THE GIFTY GOLD JEWELLERS.COM our motive is not to just complete a sale , we want you to experience and enjoy our jewellery as much as we enjoy making it. We would be honoured by your feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please drop us a mail at giftygold.kolkata@gmail.com.