Mantasha 1

Mantasha 1

The stylish & chic Gold plated Mantasha set from Gifty Gold Jewellers is an artistic creation that will certainly leave you spellbound. This contemporary piece of jewel is designed in Copper metal with beautiful design  .The Mantasha set has an excellent finish and gives out an exquisite sense of style. If you are looking for an amazing Fashion Jewelry set either for you or for a gifting purpose, then your hassle ends here. Make it yours for a stunning look before its gone.

Care Instructions : 
1)  Avoid contact with rough surfaces and water and organic chemicals i.e. perfumes, sprays etc.
2)  Avoid exposing gold to household bleach which quickly cause gold to disintegrate and discolour.
3)  Extreme temperatures can also damage jewellery. 
4)  Be extra careful with gold-plated jewelry not to scuff; keep separate from other jewelry which may scratch it. Keep  protected in a jewelry box;
5)  Keep your jewellery in a clean, dry and airtight box. Wipe your jewellery with soft cotton cloth.
6)  do not wear gold-plated jewelry all of the time;
7)  put jewelry on last when dressing and take off first when undressing. 

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