Other Names of Bangles: Chudi, Kangan

Known as a universal fashion accessory, Bangles are worn by women of any age group irrespective of race, caste, religion, etc. Bangles are considered to be traditional jewelry in India and are known as "Chudi". Typically, a bangle is worn in the arms and it adorns the area between the elbow and the wrist. Bangles are made of many different materials. Gold and silver are the most popular choices for making this jewelry. Other popular choices for making a bangle are glass, ceramic, lac, oxidized metal, plastic, wood, ivory, etc.

Since ancient times, bangles have been an integral part of the Indian jewellery set. Bangles go with every occasion and sometimes, it is inauspicious to attend a cultural event with bare hands. Bangles can be worn in groups, different colors or even singly. A thick bangle that is worn as a single piece is known as a "Kangan". A Kangan looks ethnic as well as elegant when worn with just about any dress.

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