Other Names of Necklace: Haar

One of the most elegant pieces of jewelry is the necklace. Available in a variety of designs and styles, the Indian necklace is a must have in one's trousseau. The Indian necklace has a lot of traditional and sentimental value attached to it. Sometimes necklaces that have been worn by different generations of a family are preserved by each generation to hand over to the next one. The necklace is a jewelry that adorns the slender neck of a woman thus emphasizing on the delicacy and beauty of the woman. 

 Necklace is the most eye catchy piece of jewellery, worn by the bride. It comes along with matching ear rings.Our beautiful hand made gold-plated Copper Necklace with Earring Set is made with the finest degine and will be an excellent addition to your jewellery collection.Layered looks are the hottest new trend with fashion jewelry and we're confident that this style is here to stay! So, grab it today and wear it on a special occasion to look like a pretty princess.

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