Other Names of  Anklets : Payal, Pajeb

Anklets are traditional Indian jewelry that is worn around the ankle. They are popularly known as "Payal" or "Pajeb" and are worn by kids as well as young and old women. The Indian anklets are very famous over the world and are reputed for their beautiful carvings, embellishments, and countless styles. Traditionally, anklets used to be worn by unmarried girls in India. An anklet usually has small bells that make a very sweet noise while walking thus drawing attention to the wearer's feet.

Anklets bring esthetic appeal to the beauty of women who wears it.Our skin friendly gold-plated payels have a striking design and  plating colour is gold tone. Anklets hold immense significance according to Indian culture. Anklets are ornaments worn in the ankle which has small bells ttached to it so that they make pleasant jingling sounds.The sound of anklets is like a wind chime which brings positive energy in the house.Not just married women, young girls are also seen wearing anklets. In India, it is a custom to gift new born with anklets so that when they learn to walk, they listen to the charming sound. Their sound invokes positive vibes thereby destroying the negative energies surrounding the house.  Add an elegant touch to your feet with these lovely gold-plated anklets,make it yours before its gone.

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